Up- and –Coming Chinese Designers

Thinking of a design, making these designs into clothes and actually making these designs look cohesive in a runway show requires huge work. Designers have to also make these garments sellable for the retailers and the boutique owners.

Here are a few designers that made it work in the runway. They also unique visions that made all the audience gasp in awe:

  • Babyghost

The designers behind Babyghost are Qiaoran Huang and Joshua Hupper. These two both interned for Diane von Furstenberg. Their Fall 2014 collection shows refined sportiness. Huang and Hupper used fur and leather with athletic silhouettes.

Babyghost hit it off this past year even though it was founded in 2010. Their style is a mixture of goth and glam street wear, cozy knots and riot sensibilities.



  • 5:31 Jérôme

The 5 and 31 refers to the date that Jérôme LaMaar was born. Hidden zippers are LaMaar’s trademark. He always used luxurious fabrics like leather, silk and raffia.

Jérôme LaMaar’s clothes in the runway show both crass and clash. His collection shows raw sex appeal as well as sophistication.2

  • Daniel Silverstain

Daniel Silverstain’s creations aim for innovation, essentiality and futurism. He is also fascinated with architecture and industrial designs which she shows in his clothes.

Daniel Silvertain’s Fall Winter Collection is inspired by his personal travels to India. India’s heritage and architecture can be seen in his collection. He used vibrant colors, textures and shapes together with geometric silhouettes came from the rich architectures seen in India.


  • Kim Haller

Kim Haller is not a stranger to the knitwear fashion scene. For the past 2 decades, she has been overseeing the knot program for various international labels.

Her collections of knitwear are the coziest works of art. Let me tell, you they are not boring and simple as some might think, they are edgy and modern. Haller’s knitwear collection is futuristic and a” must have”.


  • Miunika

Sisters Tina and Nikita Satradhar is a finalist and awarded winners of a prestigious design competition. Their brand name is a combination of their nicknames.

Their Fall Winter 15 Collection is inspired by planning a kid’s birthday party. The cakes, birthday decorations, paper crowns and the gift wrapping and appear fringes are their inspiration. They translated these in the form of embellishments.